Ways to Give

Help for Humanity, Support people in Food, Clothing, Education, Shelters and Health with your Donation

Help for Humanity helps people in the poorest and needy communities survive and thrive. Your gift will help us continue to lift children, women and families out of poverty.

Help for Humanity completed 250 causes since 2011 till 2018 December and helped thousands of people. With your gift today, poor and needy people can receive the resources they need to improve their health, get an education and increase economic opportunity for their families.

Founded in 2011 registered in March 2015, Help for Humanity is a registered nonprofit organization (under MP Society Registration Act 1973). Eighty percent of Help for Humanity expended resources are devoted entirely to poverty-fighting program activities

Unlike designated donations, flexible funding can be directed where its needed most, allowing Help for Humanity to respond quickly and comprehensively to urgent needs.


Make one time Donation

    1. Support Help for Humanity fight poverty and respond to desperate need by making a gift today 500 | 1000 | 2000 | 5000 | enter amount

Monthly Donation

    1. Multiply your impact! Your recurring monthly contribution will sustain our daily efforts to fight poverty 500 | 1000 | 2000 | 5000 | enter amount

Donate by Cheque

  1. Write cheques on “Help for Humanity A welfare Society” and send at Help for Humanity, Dr. Abdul Quddoos House, 22, Near GPO, Bhopal-01, MP, INDIA


Electronic Fund Transfer
For Help for Humanity banking instructions in order to send your donation (Domestic Transfer only) via electronic funds transfer

  • Account Name: Help for Humanity A welfare society
  • Bank Name : Allahabad Bank
  • Account No : 50302366256
  • IFSC: ALLA0210517

PayTM: 91 9109 4444 60


Donate Gifts

  • In this section you can buy any gift online (flipkart, paytm, snapdeal) and send on our center address. Gift will donate to needy person and stories will share to you. Our address is : Help for Humanity, Dr. Abdul Quddoos House, 22, Near GPO, Street Pathar, Bhopal-01, MP, INDIA Mobile : +91 98263 51233 & +91 9109 4444 60

Keep Donation Box in your school, office, store and home

  • On your request our volunteer will contact you and upon satisfaction, we will provide you “Charity Box” (Sealed Pack), which you can keep on your Shop, Parlor, School, Office and any SAFE public place. And our team will replace the same Box on monthly / quarterly bases. Spare change can make a huge contribution in Fooding, Clothing, Education, Health Support, Emergency Relief etc.

Donation in Various

  • Mutual Fund
  • Land, Properties etc.
  • Precious and rare items
  • Others (please specify) _________________

* International transfer are stopped due to some technical issue

We are responsible for our people and accountable to the donors, our accounts, results and lessons are transparent.

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