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since 2011, We have funded/completed 249 Charity Causes & campaigns,
hundred of families and thousands of People got benefit with your support.


Who we Are
Help for Humanity is a non-profitable organization working since 2011, for Poor, Destitute, Orphan, Needy, Widows and children. We are working in Bhopal (MP, India) and support people with Food, Clothing, Education, Entrepreneur, Rain Shelters, Health etc.
The basic aim of Help for Humanity is to organize relief so as to mitigate human sufferings, alleviate distress and other miseries affecting people in parts of Bhopal and to provide financial and other assistance. Besides, it continues participation in campaigns and movements to facilitate peoples’ development especially in the areas of child education, and awareness of natural resources.
We know that bringing together all the communities helps in realizing their needs, and united we work for a better future.


Poverty being one of India’s basic issues to be dealt with, our mission ‘Help them survive’ works in this context to help the poor and needy in the society in achieving the basic amenities.


Education is the basic right of every human being .It provides a platform for children to accomplish their dreams.By sponsoring one child per person we can double the literacy rate in the society.


We support patients financially who could not afford their proper medication.We support patients case-to-case suffering from any severe disease, and they can not afford the treatment cost.

Causes that need your urgent attention


CAUSE - clothes to needy
Clothes to Needy

Every year in winter season, we distribute Jackets, blankets in Slum and outer areas; soft clothes twice in a year in SLUM and to needy people. Average cost for single warm clothes: 500* INR

CAUSE - Lets support EDUCATION
Let's support Education

We sponsored 28 students till now, 50+ more students are looking for Scholarship One student yearly fees + syllabus + uniform = 15,000* INR

CAUSE - my business
My Business

We support 3 individuals to start their own small Business, and 9+ individuals are in queue. Estimated Cost for single business support = 13,000* INR

CAUSES - feed for hungry
Feed the Hungry

We are serving 15 families in monthly grocery,However many families are needed food packets Yearly cost single family food pack: 1500* X 12 = 18,000 INR

CAUSE - save life
Save Life

We received request time to time from various sources, and we support patients in Medical, Medication & Blood Donation Average monthly budget : 15,000 INR

CAUSE - my home
Clothes to Needy

Every year before monsoon season we help families in Rain Shelter and home repairing.Average cost for single rain shelter : 1000 INR,Average cost for single home repairing : 5000 INR


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Our Projects

Grant to School
In our society, many schools are running for poor & middle class families therefore school management is facing ...
Slum School
You can bring the change via education only, now we have planed to establish a school in Slum, with free books, ...
Help for Humanity working to open a Free medical clinic in Atal Ayub Nagar, ward no# 14, Opposite Union Carbide, ...
Help them to Survive

Poverty is a significant issue in India, The World Bank, in 2011 based on 2005’s PPPs International Comparison Program, estimated 23.6% of Indian population, or about 276 million people, lived below $1.25 (89.11 Rs) per day on purchasing power parity. As per the methodology of the Suresh Tendulkar Committee report, the population below the poverty line in India in 2009-2010 was 354 million (29.6% of the population) and that in 2011-2012 was 269 million (21.9% of the population). The Rangarajan Committee said in 2014 that the population below the poverty line in 2009-2010 was 454 million (38.2% of the population) and that in 2011-2012 was 363 million (29.5% of the population).


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Whatever your profession is, We encourage you to get involved with us and be a part of on-going Humanitarian work…
On monthly bases, Small amount can be a big help, come forward and support us to support needy and poor people of our society
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